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Usually just post on my month board..... I will be delivering (just found out I'm moving there before due date). Any one high risk deliver there? Any dr. suggestions? Any info would help. Thank you!

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  • I started my first pregnancy at Fort Benning (moved and delivered at Fort Riley), but I LOVED my doctor at Benning.  Dr. Schwartz was AWESOME, and he said he'd do everything in his power to be there when I delivered (usually you get the on-call doc, but Dr. Schwartz does his very best for his patients).  He had read my ENTIRE medical history prior to my 7 week appointment, like the guy knew the last time I'd been to the doctor and everything.  I really recommend trying to see him if he's still there.  Best of luck!
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  • Army wife, we are heading to ft Riley from ft benning in 2 weeks. How do you like it? We got a place in Warner Peterson, but are hoping to get one in historic main, for storage reasons. Do you know anything about either? Thanks! 
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