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I'm curious as to how other mommies feel about climbing onto a snowmobile during 3rd trimester(or any trimester I suppose) and going for an easy ride?for about an hour?for an experienced rider?

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  • I wouldn't (during any trimester), but that's me. I also hate winter though and wouldn't like being out in the cold unless it was for a walk.
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  • never been on one myself, but if it was an easy ride for only an hour and with long as your feeling up for it an not going alone. Why not!!
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  • Will you be on an established trail?  Going across frozen lakes or through the forest?  I would go on a trail for a little while - maybe not a whole hour, since I would get uncomfortable.  I certainly wouldn't take off across a lake (no matter how frozen) or make our own trail through the forest or across a field - you could hit stumps that are under the snow and you could easily be tossed.

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  • I wouldn't at any point during pregnancy, but especially not in the 3rd tri.
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  • I wouldn't worry too much about it in the first two trimester, but I wouldn't chance it in the last one. Accidents can happen at any point, not a risk I would be willing to take.
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    I wouldn't at any point during pregnancy, but especially not in the 3rd tri.

    This. It's not much fun if you can't go fast. And at this stage I feel uncomfortable sitting in the car for an hour, I'd want no part of holding myself up on a snowmobile!
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  • No way, wouldn't risk it.
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  • I refuse to get on a snowmobile ever. DH is obsessed with them, and it drives me nuts. I refuse to ride out of principle. Besides that, the smell of the exhaust on his clothes or DD1's after a ride gives me a headache.

    I think there's probably no harm going on a slow ride on regular trails. It just doesn't sound like any fun to me, not to mention I would have no snowpants that would even fit at this point.

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  • Oh hel ls no! Not any trimester, why risk an accident? I'm not one to think you have to stop everything while prego; drive, workout, carry stuff, clean, fly if needed, but a joyride on a motorized vehicle, why?

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  • Absolutely!  We're big snowmobilers and spend a lot of our time at my parent's vacation home in the Adirondack Mountains.  We take DS for slow rides on the lake across the street an onto well groomed trails.  I avoid rough/bumpy trails and keep them short- DS can't last long anyway.  I'm early in 3rd tri, so I can't say I'd be comfortable (or fit into my gear) this time around by the end, but right now I definately still feel up for short rides.
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  • Nope.  Not worth injuring my baby over.  Common sense.

  • If mine wasn't broke down right now :( I would definitely be going for rides!!


  • Nope. Uncomfortable, risky, and breathing in all that lovely exhaust... not for me. I usually go with my dad a couple times a year but definitely won't this year.
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  • I would not, ever, being pregnant. That is just me bc I would rather be safe then sorry.


  • I've been driving a snowmobile since i was atleast 35 wks and went for a nice ride.luckily my brother had some snow pants that were super mom,my sister and multiple other family members have all gone during any point of their all has to do with the type of ride.we took it easy,stuck to groomed trails and really all I had to worry about was having to pee because of the vibrations.(which im pretty sure baby loved.)we live in an area that has snow at least 6 mo. out of the year.I almost feel safer on a snowmobile than i do in a car,especially in the snowy months in this small town. Plus, I asked my Doc. and told him my problem as long as the equipment is in great shape,i take it easy and take short trips. not everyone is an irresponsible driver.
  • As long as its an easy ride, sure. I'm sure riding in a car is just as dangerous in the winter.
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  • I wouldn't in the third trimester, only because I'm so uncomfortable anyway.  Definitely in the first tri, and probably early on in my second tri, if I wasn't having any issues.  But in the third trimester I'm so miserable, that just does not sound like fun.
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    As long as its an easy ride, sure. I'm sure riding in a car is just as dangerous in the winter.

    Except your car has a seat belt and airbags....and a roof, and sides Indifferent

  • Maybe it's because I'm from Northern Minnesota, but if you are an experienced driver and you're on easy trails I don't see an issue with this at all. 
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  • Absolutely not while pregnant.
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  • I would. Its not like you are climbing mountain sides or something. Have fun!
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  • I'd be afraid of falling or crashing. It wouldn't be as fun if I were worrying about baby the entire time.
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  • I wouldn't.  Although it's highly unlikely anything bad would happen, I would be hesitant to risk it.
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