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DD1 (3.5 yo) has been invited to a roller skating party this wknd. She doesn't know how to skate so obviously I would have to help her.  We have to rent skates and I get the feeling it may be a crying fit b/c they are heavy and the sport is frustrating to learn.  Any advice or learning tricks?

I'm going to ck out YouTube videos tonight. However, the best advice is usually from fellow moms!

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  • I bet it will be new for all the kids so they will all make lots of mistakes. 

    We went to a bowling party a few months ago and I was totally skeptical - like how is THIS is a good idea for 4 yos - but honestly, they had a blast!  The novelty of learning something new and being w/ friends went a long way towards it being fun.  There was very little mastery, just fun w/ new stuff!

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  • I don't have any experience with kids and roller skating, but I do have experience with kids and ice skating.

    Lots of hand holding, lots of picking them back up and putting them on their feet.  Remind the child that everybody falls, everybody.  And that's ok.  Smile, laugh and get your back prepared for whatever lifting is necessary.

    Have fun!

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  • We went to a rollerskating party recently, my 5 and almost 7 yr old picked it up right away. My 3 yr old, did not do so well. Some places have walker type things to help... he did not go for any of it.

    My friends 3 yr old did excellent though. Have them tighten the wheels, they should be able to walk and roll slower.

    I would put my kids on rollerblades next time! We could get either at the place we went to.

    It was a lot of fun!
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  • Ask for a pair of rentals with a locked wheel. That will help. The best way for kids to learn to skate is to march like a soldier. If they try to kick their legs out or "walk," their legs will go out from under them and they'll fall.

  • Don't stress about, both of my girls (now 4 1/2 and 6 1/2) learned last year and love it.  At the rink we go to, the parents don't have to rent skates and can walk around with their kids.  The girls sort of started out by more walking than anything else and we also have them clap or do something with their hands as it keeps them less focused on the skates and keeps them from looking down.  My girls both fell a lot at first but love it now.
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  • DS started ice skating lessons at 3.5 and did great and love it. Show her some videos and talk it up all week, that helps DS.
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  • The roller skating rink near me has the fisher price skates to rent for the little ones, so make sure you bring sneakers.  My DD asked for her bday party to be roller skating 2 years in a row (3rd and 4th)! I think this year we will be able to do it somewhere else, but she really loves roller skating!
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