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Postpartum Depression

Is this depression?

Hi everyone-

I'm about 23 weeks pregnant and struggling with some emotional issues. I don't feel sad, per se, but angry. Although some days I feel normal, I generally feel like I have a constant level of stress, negativity and anxiety and like I'm ready to explode at any moment. My patience level is low with DD, and I'm pissed off at my husband all.the.time. As he says, I fail to see the positive in anything and am most often just focusing on the negative.

I had occasional bouts with this (what I would have just called days of moodiness) before being pregnant, but it's nearly constant now. I guess I always associated depression with being sad, rather than angry, but it definitely feels like something is just off with me at this point. I didn't experience anything like this with my previous pregnancy.

I also have a general level of apathy for important things in my life, like work, hobbies, friends, etc. I'm at a point of considering separating from my husband because things have gotten so bad - not that our marriage was perfect before - but am fearful that I would regret it if I did, indeed, have depression and made a major life decision before attempting to treat it.

Have any of you felt this way and been diagnosed with depression? I'm also concerned that this will just elevate to an even worse level of PPD after I have the baby. TIA for your thoughts.


Miscarriage January 2012, at 6 weeks

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Re: Is this depression?

  • That does sound like a type of depression to me.  I would not make any life changing decisions right now not because of how you are feeling but just the pregnancy in general can make your judgement a little skewed.  Don't jump the gun on thinking this will get worse once the baby arrives.  Maybe your hormones will even out quickly and everything will be fine.
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  • Yes, I think so. I had the same thing going on during my pregnancy and post partum with DD. I HATED my husband. Like you, our relationship wasn't great, but I couldn't get past my anger for him. I would dwell on it and it would eat me up. After starting the medication, I could see things clearly. I approached our issues in a more rational  manner. Where as before, I would just harp on him and freak out.

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