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The words

Last night, I got to hear my son say the words I'd imagine any father longs to hear their child say for the first time... "I love you, daddy".  BEST. THING. EVER.

Re: The words

  • Nice!

    When I came in here I thought it was going to be about being careful about words you use in front of your kids.  I was just talking to my wife the other night about how I think I'll struggle with that.

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  • I'm actually the better one about not using bad words around him.  I slip occasionally, my wife more so and she loves to use replacement words that sound too close (i.e. fluck)
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  • Don't forget son of a biscuit, biznitch, arse, and frick.
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  • I have had the mouth of a sailor since I was a teen.  I always worried that I would drop bombs around my kids.

    Amazingly, I catch myself quite easily ever since he was born.  I think you will be shocked how easy it is.  My wife actually slips more than I do, to the point that I suggested a swear jar.

    The other night we could have sworn Jake said "no" when I told him we were going to change into his pj's.  I still think he did....


  • This is a worry I have - my Dad swore like a drunken pirate - and I tend to cuss inanimate objects when I'm frustrated. Kids are like parrots - I have a real worry I'm going to let some of my more profane sayings slip at the wrong time.
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