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Work out time?

I am a new dad and used to love to work out.  But now I am having a hard time trying to find the time to juggle everything!  Anyone else having this problem?
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Re: Work out time?

  • Well, I don't have that problem yet, but I feel like I may have that problem once my little one arrives. Fortunately, I think my wife will be understanding enough to work in the time to let me go to the gym. She knows how hard I worked to get where I am, so she doesn't want to see me lose that.


    I, on the other hand, will probably be one of those people who doesn't want to go since I'll want to spend as much time with my baby as possible. Unfortunately, that means I'll probably turn into one of those people who takes great advantage of the fact that my gym is open 24hrs a day.


    You've got to find that balance between everything. What's most important to you? Make that list and rank everything. Then, work your way down and assign times based on priority. If it's important to you, you'll always find a way to get something done.


    Good luck!

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  • Early on I didn't have a consistent time frame to work out, but as my daughter's schedule evened out, so did mine.  I was able to start by running with her in the stroller during her nap time and adjusted as she preferred to be in the stroller awake instead of asleep.

    10 months in, her naps are still consistent, so I can do a full p90x workout or full lifting session at home (too much snow outside to run with the stroller).  I haven't tried bringing her with to the gym, but the local gym here does have free child care.  

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  • Thanks guys!  Its hard to find time to do everything you used to do once she got here.  Time management becomes a new job. 
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  • This was a real issue for my wife and I. I usually go to the gym every morning, six days a week and when my son came I didn't go for an entire month! My wife wanted me to stop altogether, but that wasn't about to happen. We compromised, I take our son to daycare and then I go off to the gym. She picks him up from daycare and when I get home she goes to crossfit. My gym has childcare, but your kid has to be 6 months old, so when we reach that point I'll try going to the gym in the evening when she goes to crossfit and the kid will come with me and chill in child care. That will give us an extra hour of sleep in the AM. 2 more months to go....
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  • It gets a lot easier when the kid is 6 months or so. Once the child can support their neck and you can jog with the stroller it obviously becomes much easier to go running. Instead of ditching Mom, now you're doing her a favor AND working out at the same time!

    Basically you either need to weight lift in the mornings or at night. But yeah, those first few months the main workout you're gonna get is the 10-15 pound baby lift.

    Funny story: My first time back at the gym after my kid was born I was bummed how much less I could lift at every exercise... *except* lateral pull-down. My upper back had actually gotten *stronger* from lifting and carrying the baby.
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  • imagedannovotny:
    I am a new dad and used to love to work out.  But now I am having a hard time trying to find the time to juggle everything!  Anyone else having this problem?

    When you are an old ass like me you will break down and buy the gym for the house.  I bought a norditrax treadmill with the whole i-fit program on it for me and the wife, and I have all my weights from college still.  Now my man cave is a Sports on HD and a makeshift gym.

    I do 45 minutes running on the treadmill everyday at 5:00am while the baby feeds off mommy.  I try to get to the weights, but I am an old man who fears the iron!!


  • not sure about scheduling, buy you can use baby time to get a little workout in. 

    Pushups, picking up baby... they recommend it to help mommies get back in shape- it may be a much less strenuous workout, but its at least something

    But maybe you can find a 24 hour gym and go after baby's bed time  

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  • Same here! I used to run faithfully 3-4 times per week, but when my first arrived, I had to adjust my schedule, then i got back to my normal routine.  Then my second arrived and I really had to adjust.  The first 2 months I didnt run at all because lil one's schedule was so inconsistent and at the same time we both had a toddler to tend to.

     Once the lil one's schedule became more consistent, we were able to make a schedule for me to run.  It usually involves me gettin up with the older one to feed him breakfast, while my wife and the youngest are still asleep.  Once the youngest wakes up, my wife feeds him, then hands him over to me so she can eat breakfast.  Once she is done, then i can head out to run.  Im a monring person so Im more comfortable when i get my run in the morning.

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