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Potty Training Regression

DS turned 3 in May and potty training has been a slow uphill battle.  At the end of November, he finally decided it was time and has been awesome ever since.  That is until this past week.  He has had multiple accidents (even at preschool and he never did there- even before he was fully trained) including both 1 and 2.  Not sure what is going on!  I am trying not to be frustrated, but it is so hard.  Any tips?  Wondering if this is his way to deal with stress of second baby sister coming.  Any advice is appreciated, thank you.
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Re: Potty Training Regression

  • Is he going through any major changes? It could be he can sense your pregnant and is reacting. Young children often don't know how to respond to new situations. He could also possible have a kidney/bladder infection.
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