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XP: WWYD:preschool related

DD has a September birthday and until now the cut-off in our state was Sept 30. They passed a new law after school started this year that moves the cut-off to Aug. 31st for 2013-2014 school year and Aug 15 for the following years.  Because the law was passed after the school year started she is in a pre-k 4 class this year and most of her class is going to K in the fall.

DD's preschool as well as 2 others I have called will start following the new cut-off day for the 2013-2014 school year. That makes her eligible for pre-k4 again and they are not allowing those with Sept birthdays to be in the pre-k5 class(which is for children who being red-shirted). I understand following the new date but I feel like those who have already done prek4 and have a Sept birthday should be allowed to be in prek5.

My question...would you put your child back in a prek4 program? If so, would you stay at the same school or find a new preschool?  My other option would be to keep her at home and just work with her at home(I am a SAHM). She takes gymnastics, goes to children's church, and would go to library story time. All of those are without me.

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Re: XP: WWYD:preschool related

  • If you love the school/teachers, have her go back.  If you have issues with the school/staff, find a new school.  I would not have her stay at home for the year since she is already used to the routine and has her friends, etc.  Keeping her in a program, keeps her moving forward with getting ready for kindergarten.  If you love the school but are concerned she will be bored, talk to the school and see what they can do to help.  My older DD repeated her PreK program and because they do different themes each year, she loved it both times and learned so much each year.
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  • I agree with PP. I would send her back if you like the school. If not, find something different. 

    She probably isn't the only one! 

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  • imagecmeon_the_water:

    I would have a problem with a preschool that wasn't willing to make an exception for your DD since she completed the Pre-K4 class in light of the cut off date change.

    I'd send her somewhere else unless they're willing to consider grandfathering her in.

    I agree- that's just silly. Does KY have preschool funding or something like that they have to comply with? It just sounds like they're being so unreasonable.

    We are actually in TN I just cant change it on here. Her school does not receive any funding that they makes them have to comply with the new law.  It is a private preschool associated with a church.

    I agree. I understand following the new cut-off date  but I think for those who completed the 4s class already there should be an exception. It's so frustrating. 

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  • Do they usually totally fill up the class? If yes you have to decide if your child will learn enough next year and how happy you were. If they don't fill up I would threaten to leave stating that you are not repeating a year in the same class.
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