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Fashionably late, but still perfect

On Saturday night, Mrs. Willicus and I went to the hospital for her induction.  She'd had no dilation at that point, so she was given cytotec to hopefully get dilation rolling.  Two rounds of that overnight opened her to maybe a finger's width, and also gave her contraction after contraction, one on top of the other.  The resident then inserted a foley catheter into the cervix, which was to help get the cervix open.  The mechanical dilation, along with the strong contractions about 1-2 minutes apart, made the wife decide to go for the epidural.  Once it took effect, she smiled and said "This was a very good decision."

After this, we waited for a few hours for the catheter to drop out of her cervix.  Once it did, she was dilated to 3cm.  About an hour later, her water broke on its own.  An hour and a half after that, she was at 4 cm.  About 45 minutes later, she started feeling like she had to push, but she didn't want me to call the nurses because she felt like there hadn't been enough time.  But, I convinced her that maybe they should have a look, and it turned out she was fully dilated.  An anesthesiologist came in to top off her pain meds for pushing, but my wife said "Nope, go away, I want to do this NOW."  

Twenty minutes of pushing later, 23 hours after checking into the hospital, Fiona Juliet was born.  19 inches long, weighing 6 pounds, 6 oz.  I can objectively say that she is the smartest, strongest, and most beautiful baby ever created.

 Fiona, right after birth

 Fiona with her proud daddy 

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