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Relocating to Lebanon

My husband and I just put an offer in on a house in Lebanon, close to the square, and the offer was accepted. While we still have a lot of paperwork to go through before we actually have a house - and this house may fall through and we'll have to find another one - it looks like we'll be moving to Lebanon in the new year!

 For me, this both exciting and terrifying. I've lived in Davidson county for over twelve years, after moving here with my family when I was young from West Tennessee. The move will put me out of comfortable reach of a lot of things - family, friends, community, and most importantly my doctors. I've always gone to Vanderbilt, my 10 1/2 month old son has always gone to Vanderbilt, and we're expecting our second child in March! A lot's happening in a little time.

 What do I need to know about the area? (Besides the fact that Targets are sparse unless you want to go to Mt. Juliet) Any suggestions on doctors/hospitals? Where's a good place to get a meal? The house we've put an offer down on currently doesn't have a stove or anything so eating out may be a very real thing for a few days. Where are good places to take my son to play? Are there any groups out there I should be aware of, people to try and meet with?

 Any and all help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! 

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Re: Relocating to Lebanon

  • Most of the people I know in Lebenon come to Nashville for doctors appointments, birth, etc. You'll be closer to Cookeville, if you wanted to have your baby at Infinity Birth Center ;)

     Sorry I'm not real helpful with the other questions.  I live in Nashville and only venture to Lebenon to go to the Outlets.  

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  • I'm currently remodeling a house to get it ready for my 1 year old son and my baby due in August. I plan on moving there in May.
    There see plenty of restaurants and fun things to do. My mother in law is a nurse for an OBGYN in Lebanon. She's awesome, although my OBGYN is in murfreesboro. There is a great park in Lebanon as well as a YMCA, and the Wilson county fair every year.
    I could help you find more things to do or places to go.... Just let me know.
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