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Ultrasound w/ heartbeat tomorrow!

I'm so excited to hear the heartbeat tomorrow! I've seen the little flicker with my internal US, which was awesome. I think the whole pregnancy will feel more real after I hear that little thud :)! I can't wait! Anyone have problems hearing it at 11 or 12 wks?
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Re: Ultrasound w/ heartbeat tomorrow!

  • I had an appointment yesterday, at 11.5 weeks.  The midwife couldn't find the heartbeat using the doppler (which scared the CRAP out of me), but when she did the ultrasound, she found the baby easily and he/she was jumping all over the place in there!  It was SO cool, and incredibly surreal. 

    Good luck at your appointment tomorrow!!

  • Yay! Good luck at your appt. Mine isn't for another week & a half. I still don't feel like it's completely real yet. This is our 1st LO. So I agree that it'll become soooooooo REAL for me & DH when we hear the heartbeat. So excited!
  • I got to hear the heartbeat yesterday and I allowed me to breathe a big sigh of relief. It did scare me a bit because it took two nurses and two different dopplers to find the little one, but eventually I could hear it! Greatest thing!
  • I get to have my scan in 2 days I'm so excited but a little nervous I just want everything to be ok. All exciting stuff congratulations to you all! Xx


  • Congratulations! I'm 11 weeks, and heard the heartbeat at my appointment yesterday. My OB was able to find it on the doppler, but it took just long enough to make me sweat a little.

    I definately agree that it suddenly feels much more real!

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  • Hi Guys,

    I heard baby's heartbeat from 9 weeks, it was astounding.  It was normal, and the nurse said i should put my hand over my heart before and see if i felt an echo and i did. That too was amazing....take your hubbies and boyfriends if you can, my husband was like a kid with a candy.

    Our baby even moved positions during the ultrasound, saw the head...looking forward to my nest visit in two weeks...

     All the best to you ladies! 

    Live & Love like it's your last!
  • I had the same experience as Puck1182....my OB couldn't hear the heartbeat with the doppler, so she ordered an ultrasound so I wouldn't have to worry until our next appointment. Saw the baby on the ultrasound and everything looked good..had a nice solid heartbeat of 161! We are so excited! Good luck to everyone :-)
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