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Looking for OB/GYN

Hey mommies! I am currently about 6-7 weeks pregnant and am looking for a new OB/GYN. I want to deliver at Northside Hospital, and I am about 95% sure I will be high risk this time considering my medical conditions and history with my last pregnancy. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!




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  • I go to Northside Women's Specialists.  I go to the Alpharetta office, but I think they have other locations.  They have a doctor team and a midwife team.  I love everyone there!
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  • That's who a friend of mine suggested. Will have to call them. Thank you!
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  • I used Atlanta Women Specialist - love Dr. Dawson, Jeffers, Angus and Johnson. Dr. Johnson did all 3 of my c/s. 

     For high risk, I love Dr. Trevitt at Atlanta Pernatal Consultants. I saw him with all 3 of my pregnancies and he's such a great doctor. Very proactive and answered all my questions especially with my first when I had PTL issues from 24wks on. He was very comforting.  

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  • I also go to Northside women's specialists. The office is on peach tree dunwoody right near Northside hospital. I love dr graham. I also saw dr trevett and he was great too
  • I go to Haven OB and see Dr. Moore and have really liked him and the staff their so far.
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