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Lawyer - Wills ?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a Lawyer that we could see to have a Wills drawn up?  Parkville, Perry Hall, White Marsh, Towson areas would be best.  My biggest concern is to have something in writing stating who should raise our children.  Or is legalzoom the way to go for this?

Re: Lawyer - Wills ?

  • We had this same question recently!  My husband ended up downloading some do-it-yourself program in the end. I assume it's kind of like what you'd get off legalzoom, but we only had to pay once and could use it to make more than one will. It walked us through the basic questions and created basic wills for each of us. I'd be more motivated to get a lawyer if our situation were more complicated, but it seemed so straightforward that we thought the cookie-cutter version would do.
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