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Midwife rec in Triad?

Hi all,

 I am a first time expectant mom and I do not have maternity coverage.  Seeing the estimates from my OBGYN have me freaking out.  We are considering a midwife, but I don't know where to start. 

Does anyone have recommendations for a midwife/birthing center in the Triad?  TIA!


TTC since August 2011 (Me-29, DH-32).
4/28/2012 - SA: 5% motility.
5/21/2012 - SA: same results.
Only shot is IVF (ICSI)
5/31/2012 - HSG: all clear
6/22/2012 - appt with RE, confirmed ICSI is necessary.
8/3/2012 - First IVF Monitoring Appointment
8/17/2012 - Egg Retrieval (retrieved 23 eggs, 3 made it to freezer)
8/18/2012 - OHSS - hospitalized, need to wait one cycle to transfer embryo(s) due to OHSS
8/29/2012 - begin meds for frozen cycle
10/12/2012 - FET one embryo
10/24/2012 - Beta #1: 442
10/26/2012 - Beta #2: 947
10/29/2012 - Beta #3: 2900!
11/15/2012 - first u/s: baby measuring perfect, heart rate is right on target
2/6/2013 - A/S looked perfect. Still team green by choice!
7/6/2013 - Baby girl born after 44 hours of un-medicated labor, 2 hours of pushing, and emergency c-section due to transverse head.  DD was perfectly healthy at 6 pounds, 14 ounces.  We are thrilled!!

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