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Postpartum Depression

What happens after you tell OB how miserable you feel?

When I saw my OB following my C-section I was a bawling mess. He advised me to go outside and expose myself to more sunlight. The sad feelings have not lifted so I will let the OB know at my next appointment.

My question for those of you who?ve had experience with this is: What happens after I tell my OB that I think I have a problem? Does he prescribe meds? How long do I need to be on them? Are there natural alternatives? (I hate meds). Does he refer me to a psychiatrist? If I do have to see a psychiatrist how much of my time will it take up? I have to return to work soon, and frankly I don?t want to have to sacrifice any free time I could spend with LO, seeing a psychiatrist. The thought of having to juggle it all (work, new baby, more appointments) just makes me feel more overwhelmed.

I want to make sure I?m OK. I didn?t feel like this the last time around. This time according to my husband and mother, I am overly paranoid about my baby?s well being. I also cry uncontrollably and hate myself b/c I failed at breast-feeding. I have a deep, visceral reaction every time I give LO a bottle.

At other times I just feel very sad in general. This feeling is accompanied by guilt b/c I know I should be happy. Sometimes I feel angry at DH even though he?s been so supportive. I feel guilty about that too but I just can?t stop the way I?m feeling no matter how hard I try to convince myself that I"m being irrational. I have no control over my emotions and this scares me.

I want to enjoy having a baby like I did the last time around. But this time I feel like the days are slipping away from me and all I feel is sadness. (I?m crying as I write this BTW. Help).

Re: What happens after you tell OB how miserable you feel?

  • I am so sorry you are feeling this way. I have similar feelings and am going to see my OB soon too. I think therapy sessions might help and I am looking forward to it. I know finding time in your schedule will be difficult but in the long run you will be healthier for your little one. I try to tell myself that it will get better and easier. I have spent many days crying too, so you are not alone. If your doc is not receptive to your pleas for help, seek out a therapist yourself. It is necessary in my opinion for your well being.
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  • Sorry I was lurking and saw your post.

    I knew I had PPD/PPA when I started to be almost bi-polar. I really felt like two different ppl where living inside me and I couldn't control my emotions. I had symptoms of lashing out at my hubby for no reason, not wanting to be around my child... like at all. I had so much anxiety I couldn't function. I told my doc about it and she said to go take a vacation without the baby for a while. So hubby and I left for a week. (I know most ppl wouldn't agree with that but it was really best for me and us) I felt ok when we came back but then a few days later I started to show the same signs as before. I was only 5 or 6wks pp. At 8wks I agreed to be put on anti-depressants/anxiety meds. It took about two wks to fully start working but I felt like a brand new person. I wasn't anxious or irritated all the time. I actually wanted to be around my son and was sad when I couldn't be. I felt like a real mom. I'm a ftm and had no idea what to expect. I had a hard time bonding with LO. My doc recommended I be on the meds for a year pp. I asked her about weaning off early and she told me that ppl that get off to soon often relapse again with the depression/anxiety. LO is 8mths and I'm still on it. 

    I will say you can have anxiety the opposite of what I had. There's another type of anxiety where you can be overly protective and almost OCD over your child.

    I would talk to your doc again. I didn't have to answer any type of questionnaire but I think she knew from what I was telling her that I needed meds. It has helped me tremendously! It's worth taking the meds to feel like yourself again.

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