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Belly Bandit. Worth the money?

I've heard a lot about people buying the belly bandit or bands like it and wearing them 6-8 weeks after birth to help tighten abdominal muscles.  Does it really work? Or is it one of those things that is all hype?
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Re: Belly Bandit. Worth the money?

  • numerous friends of mine swear by it so I am definitely going to give it a shot.  2 who had C-sections said it helped relieve the pain by supporting their belly

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  • Was wondering this as well! I'm having my RCS on Feb 6th and I was so bummed I didn't get one last time.
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  • I liked mine. I went out and bought the small after a week bc the medium was too big so i think it helped. . It actually was uncomfortable at times, I wouldn't say I wore it for comfort but to shrink my stomach faster. I ended up with a c section so I do think it helped ... But who knows ... either way I will be using it again :
  • I used the Belly Bandit after I had DD. I liked the extra support and I feel like it did help tighten my stomach afterwards. I agree with PP that it isn't super comfortable though. It never really stayed in place for me and would always ride up. I might try a different brand this time.
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  • I bought one after it was recommended to me by some friends who had recently given birth. I ended up having an emergency c-section a little over a week ago and I started wearing the band when I left the hospital 3 days post-surgery. I love it. I totally feel supported and I find that I can move around easier when I'm wearing it. I had an allergic reaction to medical adhesives used during my surgery that has left a rash on my tummy, so it gets a little uncomfortable after wearing it most of the day so I take it off. 

    I would recommend it and think it would help even with a vaginal delivery.

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  • I've heard they're not worth it and I think the pressure around my belly would actually be uncomfortable to me.  I didn't use one for a c-sec last time and I was fine.
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  • I purchased the bamboo fiber option after my c-section, loved it. It was breathable, soft and comfortable. I would suggest buying 2 different sizes, you will be surprised how fast it helps shrink your abdomen. If you have a section the hospital will usually give you an abdominal binder to take home, but they are very bulky and itchy IMO.
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