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Pregnancy after Mirena IUD

I am getting Mirena removed after 5 successful years of pregnancy prevention. My husband and I are ready to have our first child together. We both have children from previous marriage. Does anyone have experience getting pregnant after removing Mirena? TIA!

Re: Pregnancy after Mirena IUD

  • I got my IUD out on Sept 8... 40ish days later I got a positive pregnancy test. I got super lucky.

    Have fun, good luck.
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  • Removal was a breeze. A little pinch and cramping, but no worse than insertion. Be ready for the period from HELL. Seriously, heaviest and crampiest period of my life. 


    I got pregnant 2 weeks later.  

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  • After I had a baby I was still a little fat.
  • I had mine removed July 30th. I started charting & temping (just to get in the swing) a month of so before removal.

    We got PG mid-November, and that was the first month trying. 

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  • Had mine removed Feb 29th and was pregnant by April 1 st. 

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    I had mine removed Valentines Day of last year. I also had mine for 5 years. I still have not had a BFP. Sounds like there are a lot of lucky ladies who posted before me.

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  • I had mine out after 5 years on Feb 15, had the 4 day period from hell and got a BFP on 3/17. Unfortunately, that ended in a loss, but I am no 12 weeks pg and expecting my post-Mirena rainbow in July!
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  • I got pregnant 3 months after 5 years of Mirena.
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  • ive had my Mirena since March 2012, and i will be having mine removed Jan 14. We dont plan on TTC until June, so we will see what happens.

    ive heard a lot of people that get their Mirena removed and are pregnant within 2 weeks

  • I'm getting my Mirena removed in April. I noticed you said you were "charting" so I just wanted to ask, were you getting a period? I want to chart so I can try and figure out when I'm ovulating prior to the removal but without a period (and have barely had one in 3 years) I'm not sure where to start!
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    After I had a baby I was still a little fat.



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    After I had a baby I was still a little fat.


    Glad I'm not the only one confused here...
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