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2 year stats!

Well, a month late but here are P's 2 year stats:  33.75 inches tall, and 23.5 pounds!  Still kind of a peanut, and we will keep her rear-facing until she is much closer to 30 pounds.  Otherwise, all is well!

I will try to upload some pics soon.  I'm sooooo behind on that.  lol


Re: 2 year stats!

  • We finally just had T's 2 year well visit yesterday (a month late...). He is 34.5 inches tall and 28 lbs. I have no clue what that means percentage wise, we've never really talked about that part.
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  • Uh yeah! Pics pleeeeeease! Wink


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  • Our LO was 25lbs 8oz (37%), 36 inches (94%), and her height to weight ratio was 5.86% (meaning that 94% of kids her height weigh more).

    I don't know how she got the tall and skinny genes, her dad and I are both normal height and weight, if not a little short. I am 5'4 and he's 5'10.


  • We have a peanut too!  25lbs and 33in (14%).  It's always nice to know my kid isn't the only tiny one. :)  Definitely need to see pics of your cutie!!

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