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auditory neuropathy

my baby has been diagnosed with this, and it was confirmed again on a retest one month later. has anyone else's LO received this diagnosis? if so, i would love to connect with you. thanks and happy new year!

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  • I don't have experience with this but wishing you well and want to say I'm sorry your LO is going though this. Have a good New Year!



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  • Hey there, I'm an audiologist, so I hope I can give you a little info and guide you on. Auditory neuropathy is basically an issue with the auditory nerve. The cochlea snail shell where the hearing cells are is fine, but the neural pathway to the brain distorts the signal. Sometimesand the research in this area is in its infancy auditory neuropathy is really auditory immaturity...meaning over time, the nerve pathways will fix themselves. Take time to find an audiologist NOT a tech or hearing aid dispenser, they don't have the appropriate training for this that you like, works with children, and is up to date on research. Go to and/or the American Academy of Audiology's website for help in locating an audiologist in your area. Hope this helps!
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