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Mother's morning out questions

My son will be a year old on June 1.  Is that too young for a mother's morning out program?  I was thinking of trying to find something like that for the summer in order for him to interact with some other kids.  Any suggestions in the Roswell/Alpharetta area?  And how early should we start looking?  Do these things have wait lists like daycare?

Re: Mother's morning out questions

  • I think that most MMO programs take infants from 3 months and up.  So, not too early.  I'm not sure about the Roswell area, but it would probably be a good idea to sign up for a few that you are interested in and call to maybe take a tour.  Good luck, I'm really happy with the MMO program my son is in here in Smyrna.  
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  • The one my daughter goes to in east Cobb starts at age 8 weeks. So 1 year isn't at all too young.

    When are you wanting to start? I know many that are closed during the summer.
    Abigail Taylor 09.18.2008

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  • 1 year is not at all too young!  All the ones we looked at were, like PP said, closed for the summer.  Also, right now is the perfect time to look, because a lot of them have registrations in January for the following school year (and they fill up fast).  I'm not in your area so I don't know about specifics but all the ones we liked were affiliated with churches.  We liked that ours also had a preschool so it made for an easy transition when M started preschool this year. 

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  • We started Everett in a MMO program when she was a year and I was so glad we did.  It was great socialization and she loved it.  We just did one morning a week at first, then when she was about 22 months old we put her in a 3 day a week pre-school program and she has absolutely thrived. 

    It certainly wouldn't hurt to start looking now, some of the good ones definitely have a wait list. 

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