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Good news from the allergist!

Since it's been a year or so since our initial visit after A had the reaction to hummus, we went back to see how his allergies are progressing.  They skin tested him for egg, soy, sesame and peanut.  And it looks like he outgrew his egg, soy and peanut allergy!  The sesame one reacted BIG TIME and made a 3 inch hive across his back, so sesame is still a big no no and we still have an epi pen for that.

But starting next week we are going to food test both the soy and peanut allergy. We go in next week for peanuts, which they will feed him there.  Then 2 weeks after that is soy.  If he does not react, my tiny guy can finally have peanut butter and protein shakes!!!  The egg one was so minor even before, the doctor gave us the go ahead to give him eggs on our own :)


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