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Pediatrician in Lawrenceville/Tucker area?

Good Morning!

We are looking for a pediatrician in Lawrenceville where we live or Tucker where I work. We are delivering at Northside and have a list from the OB/Gyn, but would love some recommendations. 

Thank you! 

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Re: Pediatrician in Lawrenceville/Tucker area?

  • I like All about kids pedi's but i have no idea if they will see the baby at northside.  We used GPAM with our first child and had a terrible experience.  I do not recommend them.
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  • Thank you! Their website seems great. I'll definitely contact them for more info.

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  • GPAM definitely takes some getting used to.  I am reluctant to change bc I finally found a couple practitioners who remember my kids and have set up a good asthma plan for my son.  But there are some there that I have found rude and condescending (and I am no dummy so don't treat me like one).  And for some reason this Rx transfer system they rely so heavily on only works right half the time.  So insist on a hard copy of Rxs unless you want to deal with their rude beyond belief answering service.  My daughter has no existing chronic health issues so we just see the NP and she is great.  I insist on certain particular MDs for my son due to his health and medication issues.
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