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Reposting from the nest: Hi everyone its been a while since I have been on. To those who remember me I look forward to catching up. Hope all is well. And to those who do not I look forward to getting to know you. Since I was last on the wifey and I have had a daughter. I love being a mom:) So, on to what prompted me to nest again. I do not really have any friends with kids so I am looking to network. I remember that there are some moms here that do play dates and have great suggestions for family friendly activities. oh and I love to occasionally vent/rant lol   Riley is 18 weeks old now. She is really aware of her surroundings and just started sitting on her own. Any suggestions on things we can get out of the house and do? We went to the aquarium last week and she loved it. I wanted to do the festival of trees so she could look at lights but we missed that. I thought about the ice thing at the national/gaylord hotel thing but I think it will be waaaay to cold for a baby. I wan to socialize and  get her out into the world. Meg suggested reading time for children at the library???  We live in Halethorpe/Balto county so are pretty central to everything...
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  • Hey there. congrats on your little girl! I hope you stick around and continue to post here. I dont really have any suggestions....I am constantly looking for cold weather activities. My boys seem to go nuts when we are cooped up all day.
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  • Congrats on your daughter!!  While its always a struggle to get out in the cold months, I do like to go to Storyville.  They have an infant garden which would be perfect for your LO.  It's free!

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  • Welcome!

    I second StoryVille at the Woodlawn branch of the BCPL. We like it there a lot!

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  • I don't have any suggestions, but congratulations on your little girl and welcome!
    Baby Girl #2 is on her way!
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