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Natural Child Birth at Baylor Grapevine + More!!!

Hi guys!

 I am 8 weeks along and just had my first OB appointment with Dr. Wendy Kindrick at Women's Integrated Healthcare in Grapevine. The appointment went just fine, but I was a little curious if anyone on the thread has delivered at Baylor or had Dr. Kindrick as their OB.

I am wanting a natural childbirth and I want to make sure that my OB and Baylor are going to be fully supportive. When I asked Dr. Kindrick about her stance on natural child birth, she seemd to kind of dance around the subject with comments like, "I do what is needed for a healthy mom and baby." I want a healthy baby too, but with as little medical intervention as possible.

I also learned I HAVE to have a saline lock, which I hate - was anyone out there able to successfully combat this issue at Baylor? I don't want to be all wired up and unable to move around. I also want to be able to have the option of having different birthing positions to allieviate pain and just do what feels natural to me.

One last thing! :) I am interested in hiring a doula to help support me during child birth. My husband may not be here during the birth since he will be deployed, and I feel I may need someone else there looking out for what I want.


Any comments, suggestions, or personal stories on these topics would be greatly appreciated!!!




Mrs. Jaynes

Re: Natural Child Birth at Baylor Grapevine + More!!!

  • I didn't deliver at Baylor, but at my hospital I had to have a saline lock as well. I told them immediately that I did not want an IV and wanted to have a natural birth. They were supportive, but had to get a doctor's order to unhook the IV. So I had an IV in the beginning and once they got the order they unhooked me so I could move around which was funny because within minutes of that all I wanted to do was get in bed. I do think that they hooked up the IV again when I got close to delivering but I didn't notice so I am not sure, but later they mentioned that I got a lot of fluids.
  • Where did you deliver if it wasn't Baylor? I am looking to do natural delivery as well. I think I might go through a birth center instead, I do not want to be in a hospital if I don't need to. 
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  • Sorry I forgot to check back here. I delivered at Presbyterian Dallas. I don't think they would be any more friendly to a natural birth than Baylor. Just let your wants be known and I am sure they will go along with it as long as there are no medical issues. Its funny because I wanted a natural birth but once I was there and in the midst of it I was hoping someone would offer the epidural. They didn't and I did it naturally but if someone had offered I probably would have said yes.
  • If you can use a Birth Center it is much more peaceful. I am using Gentle Beginning's for the second time and I live in The Colony. I delivered my first two babies in the hospital so I've pretty much experienced both worlds.
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