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Brother Vent....

This might seem gift grabby to some but I am a little peeved right now at my brother and need to vent.This may be flame worthy, but so continues the love hate relationship I have with my brother and his wife!

So obviously my DD is a December baby, well my brother's 2 daughters are also December kids, the 9th and the 21st.

I make sure I send both nieces a card with either money or gift card it at the earlier part of the month for between $30-$40 each. Then at Christmas, I either get them an outfit or two, a game, toy etc. usually again  around a $30-40.00 per child. (Mind you I have 6 nieces/nephews to buy for).

 So this year, my brother doesn't send a card for  DD's birthday, no call or anything. Then he forgets to give DD'sc x  "gift" to my mom to bring home from VA. Well it arrived in the mail today, and it is vest, shirt and pants. Nothing else, no card, no separate birthday gift that was it.  Both the tops were 3T and the bottoms 18-24 months.

Part of me is fuming because I make it a point to make sure that his girls don't get any less then the rest of the kids just because their bdays fall in December, and because my Brother and  Sister in Law are much more "well-off" then DH and I, and could easily afford to acknowledge both. It seems that they are cheap when it comes to everyone but themselves.

 Part of me wants to cut back on what I give the girls next year, and maybe just exchange for Christmas but the other half of me says they shouldn't be penalized because their parents.....


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