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How was everyone's Christmas?

The good, the bad, and the funny what did everyone get?
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Re: How was everyone's Christmas?

  • Mine was good.  I was so tired I accidentally fell asleep on Christmas.  DH was awesome and took care of all the cooking for me. 

    I got an awesome upholstered rocker for the nursery, sephora GC, and some really pretty earrings.

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  • Our Christmas was great! M is was very confused why we were getting presents and it wasn't her birthday. She kept calling everything her Christmas Birthday present.


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  • Ours was fairly blah, mostly b/c we knew we may have been in the hospital giving birth and didn't want to have to cancel plans with anybody. My water broke after we went to bed on 12/26 (technically 12/27 am) and DS was born later that afternoon! 
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