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So our homestudy will be a one time visit from our social worker two weeks from yesterday. She was really great on the phone and answered a lot of my questions and the "big concerns" I had (mainly that I have an enourmous amount of student loan debt, thanks PhD in humanities). This has catapulted us into a cleaning frenzy. We aren't dirty, but we both work 15 hour days and by the time we finish our 4 hour round trip commute we're done. So things get messy- mostly it's piles and piles of books. So since we're having a new years eve party we took time to reorganize our pantry, cleanout our entry way and generally reorganize living space. This currently means that our bedroom is a small disaster area, but I'll tackle it and it'll be fine. Mainly I have a partner who doesn't ever put away laundry but likes to say she'll put away her laundry (after 15 years she contends she doesn't know where my stuff goes).

 Anyway, cleaning is getting done. House is getting organized. And OMG our SW is going to basically do a one shot visit- she said to expect 3-4 hours of interviewing and then as much time as we need to ask questions. She already sent along a list of what she's planning to cover and told us to ignore the foster care stuff.

 She also told us that since it's a private adoption we don't have to do any of the childproofing we were worried about- so, just basic safety stuff. Phew.

I'm nervous and I'm sure it'll get worse, but at least we've got this scheduled finally! 

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  • That is awesome!  I'm sure you'll get everything you want done by then, it's a nice amount of time, not too much to drive yourself crazy but also not too short that you can't tackle whatever you want to do. Good luck!!

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  • This sounds somewhat similar to the Homestudy we just completed Saturday. She came, one time, asked us questions together and separate, toured the house for 5 minutes and that was it. Try not to stress. Remember they are people to and I think she was just as uncomfortable touring out house as we were nervous about her finding something and failing us.
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  • I kinda wish I could have my Xmas decorations up. But I have to take them down on the Epiphany.
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  • Don't be nervous...you'll do great! Yay for another step closer to being a parent-in waiting! Wink

    We had our guest bed and bath ripped apart and the "nursery" had all the junk and furniture from those rooms when we had our homestudy and we still passed.

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