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At a loss of what to do with my son. I have twins. They both started STTN at four months and haven't had issues, until recently. Mid November they got sick, bronchiolitis for both. They were obviously crabby, and not eating well. They went from eating 6 to 8 oz at a time to like 3 oz at a time sometimes only pedialyte. This meant they were up thru the night. We were "okay with it" since they were so sick. Long story short, they got better but 2 weeks later each got ear infections and my son again got bronchiolitis, so back to the same thing.

Here's the problem, they're healthy now and she sleeps totally fine. My son, not so much. For reference, they eat 3 solid meals a day, plus snacks. They take 4 or 5 bottles of 5 to 8 oz., last solid meal is usually 5:30 last bottle at 7:00 before 7:30 bedtime. He wakes up like clockwork around midnight and DOES NOT STOP MAKING NOISE/YELLING/CRYING til he gets a bottle. I'm at a loss. He doesn't "settle down." We try "shushing" him, rubbing his back, white noise etc. he carries on until he gets another bottle.

Not sure how we got here and how to get back. They used to sleep so well. Advice??
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  • Our Ped told us to do bottles of water at night to try to break our son of the habit of having a bottle. So far it has been working. Eventually we will wean him off the bottles of water as well. Maybe this would work for your son too??? Good luck!
  • I started decreasing the amt I gave her each night until she got nothing.  The night she got nothing she cried for 45 minutes.  A diaper change and a sip of water later she was all good.  The next night she cried 20 minutes...i never went in to her.  Since then she hasn't woke up again.  On occasion she will wake up and fuss for less than 5 minutes and just go back to sleep.  She sleeps 8:30pm-9am.  If she wakes up any time after 7am I give her her morning bottle and she goes back to sleep until 9.  I figure going 10 hrs is pretty good without getting a bottle so I'm not going to make her wait more than that if she wants it
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  • Maybe we will try the water. I'm just so frustrated. He's the kinda guy that does NOT stop yelling until he gets his way, so it just has become so much easier to spend 15 mins feeding him than not sleeping for two hours while he goes back and forth between whining, quiet, crying, quiet, crawling in the crib, then more whining...

    But MIL was over and the topic came up and she said "you better cut that out or he'll be doing it til he's 3!"
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