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Can anyone recc a chiropractor that they've seen while pregnant?  3rd trimester, 3 weeks to go and have never been to one before but think it may be time to check one out.  Thanks!

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  • What area are you in? I saw a fantastic chiro in Bel Air during both of my pregnancies, Dr Poane.

    He has the special pregnancy table that you lay on and the belly drops down to fit you comfortably. He and everyone in his office are so sweet.

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  • I have been seeing a great Chiropractor in Clarksville while I have been pregnant - Dr. Erika Hempey - here is her website -


    I have also heard good things about Laura Dover in Towson: 410-337-3070

    6600 York Rd. Tasco Building, Suite 107  Towson


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  • Thank you! I'm in the Columbia area.
  • Effective chiropractic in millersville md was excellent
  • Active Health Chiropractic - Dr. Tracey Ball in Ellicott City. I saw her during my first and third trimesters. She was able to turn DD around, so that she would not be born breech.
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    Effective chiropractic in millersville md was excellent

    I found the adjustment to be too harsh for me.  I go to Broadneck Family Chiropractic in Arnold, which would be a bit of hike for you, but they  are fantastic!

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  • Ultimate health... They have an office in Baltimore and in Bel Air. I love them, they use the Active Release Technique that focuses on the muscles that are messing up your joints rather than just doing adjustment after adjustment. I have chronic lower back pain and after going there a few times I hardly have to go anymore other than the occasional adjustment. I used to go every other week, and now it's every few months!

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  • I just want to say thank you for all the reccs. I was able to get in and see Dr Tracy Ball and she worked some wonders!!! I was able to sleep lying down and in my own bed for the first time since Thanksgiving!!! Thank You!!
  • Another option should you need it is Dr. Pellerin in Gambrills, MD. I drive to see her from the broadneck area and love her! She specializes in pregnancy adjustments, but ive been seeing her for years!
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