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Recommend your stroller

I'm looking for a great stroller and have no idea where to start. Any recommendations?
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Re: Recommend your stroller

  • I got a Chicco keyfit travel system... obviously haven't used it yet, but we researched a lot and this one has great safety scores and comes highly recommended!


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  • Britax B Agile.
  • Depends what you're looking to use it for. I LOVE my baby jogger. Chicco travel system was awesome with my first. This time I'm really looking forward to a snap n go for day to day.
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  • Baby jogger city mini GT.. We love it!!
  • We just bought the Uppababy Vista. I liked that it had so many options (bassinet, regular stroller, dual, holds car seat, ect). It also has wheels that won't go flat. I would set a budget and decide what you need it for and how long you want it to last for this child and possibly the next one. You will also want to go check them out in person as some are more bulky than others.
  • I guess it just depends on your carseat and how much you want to use it. We have a graco snugride 35 carseat and the graco metrolite stroller, that works as a travel system. The stroller is lightweight.



  • Bugaboo Chameleon, we haven't used it yet but we absolutely love it. Even DH loves it and how easily it turns, moves, converts, etc. 

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    Britax B Agile.

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  • Hate my Chicco cortina. Loved the carseat, hated the travel system. Also have a chicco liteway. Ok when he was younger, but sucks not having a tray. Love my Baby Jogger City Elite. DH is very tall, and I am over a foot shorter,  and this stroller is a great fit for both of us.

    Still trying to figure out which double. Probably the city mini GT.

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  • Uppababy Cruz
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    I got a Chicco keyfit travel system... obviously haven't used it yet, but we researched a lot and this one has great safety scores and comes highly recommended!

    We have this and it was great in the beginning and for a long time.  Easy to click the car seat in and out - plenty of storage, cupholders, etc.

    We also have a Maclaren Triumph which is an umbrella stroller and I do like it but it's lacking a cupholder and it's really superlight, if I hang my purse and one bag on the handles and then DS gets out, it tips!  The Chicco umbrella stroller with the cupholder (MIL has this) is much more sturdy and just as easy to transport - althought not quite as small when folded up.

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  • I'm glad I  looked at your answer would be different for points north! LOL 

    Are you always out and about?  I'd recommend a baby jogger (i have a city elite) or a BOB.  Those are heavy-duty, off-road types of strollers. I have a baby jogger single and a BOB double.I use both. :)  If you use public transportation, I'd change answers to a lighter duty umbrella stroller.   Also, with better strollers, resale value is pretty good. You can probably also find one on craigslist that is gently used. I think strollers are like anything get what you pay for, but of course everyone has different wants/likes. I'd test-drive a few.  

    In the beginning a snap-and-go isn't a bad idea, as they're cheaper than most of the adapters for the more expensive strollers, but honestly they're good for mall walking and not much else.  Nothing wrong with going to a store to test-drive and see what you like best. Also, another thing that I thought about was if I'd be having another child relatively soon. I looked at Phil/Teds and other double conversions, and thought that the best solution was getting a separate stroller later on that would give me the freedom of having a single or a double at my disposal, and that could handle taller children side-by-side.

    Hope I clarified rather than confused the issue.

    Congrats, and let me know if you have any questions.  

  • We got the Orbit G2. It's nice because it comes with the infant seat and bassinet and folds nicely. 
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  • We have a City Select and a City Mini.  They serve two different purposes for us though.   The stroller you choose is really going to depend on what your budget is and how you intend to use it.  Will you be pushing your stroller through snow, soft or uneven terrain?  If so, you will want something with big wheels.  I definitely recommend visiting a store with a lot of options and checking them all out.  It will become a little more clear once you do that!  Don't just default to a travel system.  There are so many better options out there.

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