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How much should he be eating?

My son is 1 w 1 d old and I'm not sure how much he should be eating.  I had latch issues and low milk so we have to give him mostly formula... I read online that he should eat every two hours with a 1.5-2 oz bottle...but he eats every 2-3 hours with a good 3 ounce bottle before he is happy at all.  I'm just not sure if this is too much for him or not.

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  • I know they base the amount on your lo's weight. I bf my dd for the first 3 weeks then switched to formula. I had no idea what to feed her or how often since she ate all the time with nursing. I gave her 2oz and she gulped it down. So I started giving her 4oz bottles and let her tell me when she was full. If she finishes the bottle then I pour 1 or 2 oz from another bottle and give her that. I don't like when she finishes the bottle because I don't know if she is really full yet.
    I would let your baby tell you how much and when. It sounds like a good start so far.
  • He's a big boy, he was 9lb 6oz at birth so that could maybe be why he eats so much.  I know it's all trail and error, I just want to make sure he has enough and not too much.  Sometimes I let him have 3 oz and he spits up but other times he goes right to sleep
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  • My ped has recommended shooting for a a minimum of 24 oz per 24 hours from the beginning.  so it sounds like you are right on track to me!  
  • Our guy was just like yours. He would eat about 3oz every 2-4 hours. He is 7 weeks now and eating 5oz every 2-4 hours during the day and 4-6 hours at night. As long as he is happy and keeping it down it sounds like you are doing great. Just go with what he wants and is comfortable with! 
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  • Thanks ladies!  I met with the lactation consultant yesterday and he's already gained his birth weight back so she said we are ok just feeding on demand.  He's still eating 2-3 oz every couple of hours sometimes just one ounce every hour in the mornings.

    Poor guy spit up a bit this evening but he seems to be doing ok.
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