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Each diaper change is 2 diapers

It just kind of cracks me up although it drives DH crazy. DD must like to poop in clean diapers because she waits until we change her and get her clothes all back on and boom there it is LOL. Anyone elses LO like to do this?
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Re: Each diaper change is 2 diapers

  • Omg love ur siggy! I cant wait to post mine lol. And yes my lil man ddoes the same thing.

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  • Yup. Every time.
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  • Mine does this too!! Except most of the time she blows it up while I'm putting the clean diaper on,lol!!

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  • Yes! All the time when my LO was very new...and he still does it now! It cracks us up!
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  • We have learned to open up the diaper, wipe LO with a wipe, and close the diaper back up b/s she will without fail poop or pee.  Definately given us quite a few exasperated laughs.
  • Yes, mine too!  DH is going crazy with it, he's doing almost all the diaper changes as I'm post-CS.  I just laugh.  :)
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  • same here, but sometimes we don't even get her clothes back on before she's soiled the new one. The problem is, she HATES diaper changes and screams bloody murder the whole time, so it makes it harder for HER when she does that, but I do find it funny.


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  • Of course they do this; babies aren't stupid! They want the poop away from them, so the urge to go strikes when they are bare-bottomed. I'd try waiting until your LO finishes before putting a new diaper on (or if you're like us, use a potty and do EC). Be patient! 
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  • Yup!  And the cats in this house do the same thing, wait for the cleaned litter box and then go.
  • My son pees every time I change his diaper...I have to keep an extra wipe or paper towel near by or off he goes and it's down his leg and all over the changing table
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