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  • That's what I've been wondering!
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  • I am a NH mama-to-be. I am in Dover, expecting my second rainbow on 9/6/2012.
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  • I'm in Dover too! 
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  • No experience actually delivering yet:) Due August 8th. BUT so far they have been AMAZING!  Love the midwives at Partners.  Highly recommend.
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  • I am in Dover as well, planning on delivering at Exeter Hospital too! Due 11/3/2012 w/ Baby #1.
  • I'm in northern NH.  I go to DHMC and so far have been really happy with it.  I'm currently in my first pregnancy after 3 years of infertility and a rough start after complications with IVF.  We are expecting twins due 12/21/12.
  • I'm due in December too! 12/25/12 with my first. I'm down in southern NH but I'm using the Birth Cottage.
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  • I'm due in January with my first.  Southern NH using St. Joseph's.
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  • I'm due on 2/13/13 and I live in Amesbury, MA. I'm not sure if I want to deliver at Exeter Hospital or Anna Jacques in Newburyport. Anyone have any opinions you'd be willing to share? 
  • Hi!  I just joined this website and live in Southern NH!  I am 36 and expecting my first, and only, baby in February so it's very early on for me.  This pregnancy was surprising news after over 2 years of TTC with nothing except 2 early miscarriages and a myomectomy (fibroid removal surgery).  So far this has been a very different pregnancy with some strong nausea and exhaustion, which I'm taking as a good sign!  I will be going through Concord Hospital for a c-section, and my OB/GYN is Dartmouth Hitchcock in Concord.  I have my second ultraound scheduled next week and I hope we see that little heartbeat!   It's nice to "meet" you all!
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  • I live in Deerfield and I'm due October 7th :-)

    I'm going to WDH in Dover because I have heard a few bad things about Concord Hospital.

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  • AnjaOAnjaO member
    Not currently expecting, but I live in the Upper Valley.  I was in southern NH and delivered at the Elliot (great experience with the nurses there).

    BFP #1 8/14/10, DS born 4/30/11 
    BFP #2 9/30/12, M/C 10/23/12 
    BFP #3 12/16/12, CP 12/20/12 
    BFP #4 1/20/13, DD born 10/9/13
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  • Hi Girls,

     Didn't know this board exsisted. But I am due with baby #5 in End of Feb beginning of March (depending on multiples) Did Injectables.

    I've delevered at Elliott and at Parkland, and so far Parkland was better.

    Congrats to all.

  • Hi there....do you mind if I ask what you've heard about Concord Hospital?  I have had many friends go through them and I haven't heard any bad reports.  I have to have a c-section, so I'm not sure if that makes a difference.....thank you!!
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  • imageTigerlilyBaby2013:
    Hi there....do you mind if I ask what you've heard about Concord Hospital?  I have had many friends go through them and I haven't heard any bad reports.  I have to have a c-section, so I'm not sure if that makes a difference.....thank you!!

    A friend of mine had a baby there 2 years ago, so maybe my info is out dated... but here's the story:

    She and her in-laws do not get along and it was made very clear to them before the delivery that they were not welcome in her delivery room until after she and baby were cleaned up and ready for visitors. She and her husband were very specific with their nurses who was allowed in while she was in labor (her mother and sister only.) Apparently there was no screening process at the front desk of L&D. Her in-laws walked  right in, gave the person at the front desk the mother's name and the room was pointed out to them with no questions asked (up and until that point they didn't know her room number.) Her father in-law walked in while she was practically naked and in the middle of pushing. It was a struggle for her husband to help her in the middle of delivering and get his parents out at the same time.The nurses also at that point didn't seem to care at all about what was going on with in-laws even though there appeared to be extras that weren't doing anything.

    I prefer locked L&D floors. At Wentworth-Douglas they don't even unlock the door for guests until the nurse calls your room and you approve the visitor. 

    In general, my friend said she only had one good nurse at Concord Hospital and the rest were all full of attitude or unwilling to listen to her and answer her questions. She told me that it just wasn't a 'patient friendly" hospital to have a baby. As far at their technology and capability to take care of baby and mom go, she said they were great.

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  • Hey y'all! I'm going to WDH in Dover... really looking forward to it...kinda sad we will be delivering the month before the new "birthing center is completed..I am looking forward to Mommy and me type activities as well as Mom's night out... I am a Masstransplant, so I don't have too many local gals my age to hang with... :)
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  • In So.NH as well :)
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  • Thank you for the info, I appreciate it!  I will have to ask a few more questions when I talk to my friends.  I just chose Concord because one of my best friends is a Midwife at Dartmouth Hitchock in Concord, and we always said she would be part of my delivery process.  Now that I have to have a c-section, she can't deliver the baby but she still wanted to be there.  I will have to do a little more research to figure out if it's the best place for me....thanks again!!!
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  • "New birthing center" a WDH??? I hadn't heard that yet, but my classes aren't until the middle of July, maybe they will tell us then. When is it scheduled to open?
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  • Yep!  It's under construction...  it's a new Maternity Ward with a homey feel...  or at least that's what all the WDH fliers are saying it will be... 

    It's opening in January 2013...  If I am a week late, I could make it...  Big Smile


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  • I'm in Candia, NH due in Mid-October.
  • kyyrakyyra member
    I live in Newton, NH which is close to Amesbury and had the same question. My friend had a really good experience recently at AJ. So when I found out I was pregnant I went there for my 1st appointment. For me, they were really unorganized and everything seemed a little shabby. (They called my cell phone to cancel my appointment when I was sitting in the waiting room) I switched to Exeter and they are much more organized and friendly I find. I've heard good and bad things about both places, but for me I'm happy with Exeter. I hear that Portsmouth Regional is the absolute best though, its just too far for me.  Congrats and good luck!
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  • Thanks for your input. I think I'm leaning towards Exeter. I've heard some really good things. I'm surprised about Portsmouth. I didn't think they were that reputable. Good to know. Maybe I'll check them out.


    Thanks again and good luck to you! 

  • I live in Milton, NH--work in Somersworth, NH and my husband works in Dover, NH. Planning to deliver at Wentworth Douglass Hospital in Dover. Getting PN care at my dr's office in Somersworth (it's a community health center, and I work there so its very convenient to work, have primary/dental/PN care in one place).
  • I'm in Southern NH and will be delivering at SNHMC in October.
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  • I live in Concord and I'm due to have a baby boy Nov.  15th!  Nice to meet all of you :)
    "For this child I prayed; and the LORD has given me my petition which I asked of him:"
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  • I'm in Salem.  Anyone know of any prenatal yoga classes down this way?  I was also wondering if anyone knows of mommy groups/play date groups?  Thanks!
  • I'm in Nashua and not pregnant yet but TTC. We're hoping to use The Birth Cottage but I have to get the okay from a Maternal Fetal Specialist first due to some chronic health conditions.
  • Hi There!  Im new to boards, but I saw the post on yoga in Salem area.  Try Self Awakening Yoga studio on rt 28.  


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  • Thanks, they don't have prenatal yoga, but I actually found a place!  Thanks!  :) 
  • imageJenna3628:

    I live in Deerfield and I'm due October 7th :-)

    I'm going to WDH in Dover because I have heard a few bad things about Concord Hospital.


    I live in Deerfield too! I am due in January! That's so cool that someone else on here is from Deerfield.... we moved here 2 years ago and really haven't met anyone from town yet!

  • I'm from Londonderry. I'm expecting baby # 3 January 23rd 2013
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  • I have delivered twice already in concord and will have another this month. They are wonderful there.
  • My sister delivered both of her babies there, She was the first VBAC done at the hospital last November.  She had great experiences both times and the staff was amazing.
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  • Hi, I am living in Concord.  This is my first pregnancy and my boyfriends second child.  We are very excited.  I am planning on delivering at Concord Hospital and have an appointment to view the birthing center in November.
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  • I am in Nashua NH, expecting January 13th, 2013! I have 12 days left! I am expecting a little girl, this is my second pregnancy. If any other moms want to try to connect, I'm willing to exchange information. I will be a stay at home mommie, so any friendly conversation would be greatly appreciated. :)
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