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New Here & Getting Off Lexapro

Hi! I am new here and will be removing my Mirena in Jan to start TTC. I have stalked the boards for a while but thought I would finally introduce myself. 

I'm currently weaning myself off of lexapro and today is the first day I've been feeling crappy side affects. I've decreased my dosage from 10 mg to 5 mg and am going to see how that goes. (I take lexapro for anxiety). 

The choice whether or not I should get off of them completely has been sooo difficult. My doctor says its ok if I want to stay on 5 mg throughout the pregnancy, but my OB says no during the first tri. I've decided to try and get off of them completely and see how I feel. 

I'm wondering if any of you ladies are going through the same situation? 

Happy NYE! 
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Re: New Here & Getting Off Lexapro

  • I took myself off Lexapro when I was a teen. It was tough but you can do it! I am not a doctor but with the research I have done at home it is safer not to be on anything like that while pregnant.
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  • My OB approved me to take prozac, even when I do get pregnant. No xanax though.


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  • I take an herbal anxiety remedy. Metabolic Maintenance makes it. I took it to my last OB appointment to have her check it out and she gave me the green light to keep taking it.

    Welcome and good luck! 

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  • Welcome and good luck to you! 

    I've heard both ways; that it is ok in low doses and that you should not take antidepressants at all. So I'm not much help there. I do want to add though that you should never take yourself off of an antidepressant, it should always be under your doctor's supervision.

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  • Welcome!  I did that; it really sucked.  The best thing I can say is that you really need you know what you are in for.  It is HARD; much harder than I thought it would be.  My doc told me it is one of the worst ones to withdraw from.  The effects last after you are completely off for about a month (or at least they did for me--my doc said that was about normal).  Anyway, I could say a lot--if you would like to hear more, you can look at my blog :-)  It is more or less dedicated to my experiences with that.  Good luck and good health!!!
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