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UHCCF Grant!

Sometime this past summer, someone posted about a grant from the United Healthcare Children's Foundation.  I applied and finally had everything submitted at the end of November.  We found out this week that we were approved for $4700 to cover the OOP cost of Kian's growth hormone, lab tests and doctor's appointments (that's what I asked to have covered).  It is good for the next 13 months and retroactive to July, so we will receive a reimbursement of nearly $1000. 

 I am SO thankful to whomever posted about it, the financial side of things can be such a stress, and this is so amazing.  

For those that want further details: https://uhccf.org is the site :)

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Re: UHCCF Grant!

  • that's awesome!
  • How crazy, I haven't been on this board in ages but that was me :).  I remember no one even responded and I was a bit bummed out because I knew there had to be people on here that would qualify and whom it could help.  I'm so excited for you guys, that's serious money.  I hope that more people see this and check it out, they really have an awesome program.
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