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Lasix (sp?)

Anyone have a LO on Lasix?  Being a diuretic we have more wet diapers.  But how do you make sure LO doesn't get dehydrated?  


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  • We just made sure her intake was adequate!
    Lauren has Down syndrome and a complete AV canal heart defect
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  • Lily was on them in the NICU, and as I recall, never had an issue with staying hydrated. But, lasix can cause calcium deposits in the kidneys. That's something no one ever told us until we learned through happenstance that Lilyhad calcium deposits in her kidneys. Now, Lily also had some other things that probably helped create the calcium deposits, but I always like to inform others of this danger since no one ever told us about it. FYI, even if I had known, I wouldn't have changed anything about this aspect of her care... We managed her kidneys by giving her Diuril, another diuretic. Again, her regular diet sufficed.
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  • I agree, just make sure they are eating enough, and dehydration shouldn't be an issue.
  • imageChoicesMom:
    DS was on two diuretics at once, Lasix and Spironolactone.  Getting dehydrated wasn't a problem as long as he was eating regularly.  How old is your LO?

    LO is 5 1/2 weeks.  She started Lasix and digoxin at 5 weeks. 

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