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Sterilizing bottles

Hi ladies,

my LO is only 5 days old and I've had to start supplementing with formula because he has lost too much birth weight. My LC came today and suggested we sterilize our bottles after every use, but all our Independant research had said its not necessary.

Anyone have any experience with this? I feel like I should listen to the LC, but my SO feels like its an unnecessary step.  

Re: Sterilizing bottles

  • I boiled everything before the first use, but have only handwashed in hot water since. I may run a load of just bottles through the dishwasher at some point, but I didn't see the need to sterilize after every use.

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  • I had to pump for a few days and was wondering the same thing. Initially, I decided to sterilize after every use, but that seemed like overkill after the first several times. I changed my mind after that and started washing everything in hot water instead.
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  • You've got the right idea.  Sterilizing kills germs but if the bottles haven't been touched by a sick person, you're only killing off whatever is floating around your house.  That means the second you pull the bottles out of the sterilizer or boiling water and set them on the counter dry, they've just been re-exposed to your normal environment anyway.
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  • I do sterilize. I usually wait till I have 6 dirty bottles and then do it. I'm not ahuge stickler on it but I try when I have time. Her first pediatrician said it helps prevent thrush.
  • As others have said I sterilized before first use, then just washed well after every use.

    The only exception I use to this rule is if we are sick around here (which happens a lot this time of year), I do sterilize things in order to TRY to keep LO healthy.

    If you feel like you have to sterilize, I recommend the sterilizer bags, they make it SO easy! 

  • I've got a microwave sterilizer (add 200ml and nuke for 5 minutes). It's easy enough I figure it's worth doing for my bottles and pump parts. It wasn't expensive, and it makes sterilizing a trivial job.
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  • I sterilize all of my pump parts and the bottles 1-2 times a day. I pump 2-3 times a day (on top of nursing) and inbetween pumpings I wash in hot soapy water.
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