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FTM ?s

My LO is 6 weeks old so you think I'd have this stuff at least somewhat figured out...haha

1. I read about the EASY method and am trying to follow it, but LO is either eating and happy or not eating and screaming. She has a tiny little window of awake and happy, but it only lasts maybe 5 minutes, if that. How can I follow the EASY method if when it gets to the A she is upset. I feel like all she ever does is eat or cry with some little bits of sleep, especially during the day. At night she is actually an ok sleeper.

2. I am pumping to try and get a supply for when I go back to work. Someone on the BF board suggested I pump after feeding LO. I did that today and got only 1/2 oz total. That is a lot of work for such a little amount. Is that normal? I feel like I am never going to make enough for when she is at daycare.


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Re: FTM ?s

  • 1. How long is she awake, including the time when she is eating? If she's eating for a half hour or so, and then awake for another 10 minutes, that's 40 minutes, which just might be her limit for awake time at this age, and she might need to sleep after that. The "A" in easy includes time spent eating or being changed. Also, 6 wks is a super fussy time, so hopefully it'll get better as she gets older as well.

    2. I believe that is a very normal amount to get after nursing. I don't have a ton of advice to increase the amount you get, except maybe add in extra pumping sessions? But i'm sure other people have much better advice.  


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  • I'm no help for #1, but for #2:

    I only nurse on one side per feeding, so once a day, I pump one side after he eats off the other. I usually get about 4 oz from the one side. Works for us, so maybe something you could try?

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