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11 Weeks Pregnant

I believe I am clear!!!

Good afternoon ladies, I think I am finally out the clear from being nausea and exhausted. (Knock on wood). I am finally showing which is crazy but I guess when you are carrying two you start showing early. How does everyone else feel at this week?
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Re: I believe I am clear!!!

  • i'm still feeling awful...  i wish the morning sickness was over :(
  • I felt the worst around 6-8 weeks being tired all the time and like I was in a daze.  But every week since then has been getting better and better.  Around 9 weeks I felt like a cloud had cleared and I was myself again!  I still get nausea here and there but I actually feel normal again and I'm now just at 11 weeks!  Heres to hoping it stays this way!

  • I'm still exhausted all day every day! but thank goodness the nausea is pretty much gone and I actually have an appetite. it got really bad from about week 6 to 9 I lost 12 pounds because everything I swallowed came right back up..... talk about misery!
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