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Caring for an umbilical cord once it's fallen off

I threw away the papers we got from the hospital and can't remember from DD- how do you take care of the umbilical cord once it has fallen off? DS's looks pretty gross and raw still.

Re: Caring for an umbilical cord once it's fallen off

  • Just asked the pedi on fri and they said alcohol wipes.
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  • imageKemare20:
    You care for it by doing nothing :) Just gently clean AROUND the belly button area with water once a day to clean up an weeping it might do. If it start to look infected or starts to stink call your doc!

    This.  DS's bled a tiny bit for a week or so after his fell off, but there really isn't anything you should do but keep it clean with water daily.

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  • I didn't do anything just air dry it.
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  • We were told to put alcohol on it. It dried up pretty fast once the first part fell off.
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  • I just make sure to let my little guy go without clothes for awhile to help his air dry and then wipe gently around it with a baby q-tip to help keep it clean
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