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zantec vs prilosec???

I have my LO on Zantec now. It seems to help with the burning but only for so long. I know it is not supposed to reduce the amount of spit up but it is possible that prilosec does. I know they say that spit up is a laundry problem as long as she is not in any pain, but it is so excessive! Any mom's out there have their LO on zantec and switched to prilosec? Did the prilosec help with the burn and reduce the amount of spit up?
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Re: zantec vs prilosec???

  • Have you done any sort of elimination diet to see if a food sensitivity could be causing the reflux? My DS is on Zantac for reflux but he may be able to go off of it soon because I'm pretty sure he's got a dairy intolerance that was causing it. He's EBF & I've been dairy-free for almost 2 weeks - his reflux episodes have decreased drastically. I'm hoping as I get farther & farther into being DF, he'll stop refluxing altogether. Until then, the Zantac keeps him comfortable, which is what is really important.
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