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XP: Anyone EBFing past one year?

Is anyone planning on continuing EBF past one year?  If so, what does your doctor think?  We don't have DDs one year appt until the middle of January and I have a fair amount of BM in the freezer.  I am planning on letting her nurse while we are together, but I am unsure if I should start giving her WCM part of the time too.  I probably have enough BM for her to get two sippies a day at daycare until 14 months.

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Re: XP: Anyone EBFing past one year?

  • We're currently BFing wake up & bedtime and have no plans to stop anytime soon. 
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  • I ep and plan to wind down my pumping at 12 months. I only pump twice a day as is and she gets all BM so I'm not sure how easy it will be to decrease it further. I'll just give her whatever milk I pump at that point and then use up my freezer stash. We'll see how it goes!
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  • I plan to let DS nurse past 12 mo- for as long as he wants. But I am going to stop pumping at work after his 1st birthday, and just have him drink a sippy cup of WCM at that time. He's already down to one 4oz bottle at the babysitter's, so I don't think it will be a big change for him, but it will be a BIG change for me at work.
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  • i nursed my first boy until he was about 2, and would like to bf this baby for as long if we both agree.  our ped is very supportive.  our only issue is that i would like to stop pumping at work soon and just nurse when we are together, but i don't have a stash, and my son has not really taken to WCM yet ... yet ...

  • I plan on it.  We don't have her appt until just after her birthday either.  I will aske then, but until I do I'm going to EBF.  She drinks milk out of a cup and EBF, so that is what we will continue for awhile longer.

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  • My 3 1/2 year old still nurses occasionally...She nursed several times a day until well after her second birthday.  Once a day until just a month ago.  Now she is nursing about once a week...

    Our dr. said it's fine.  She didn't say a whole lot about cow's milk, except to say that in the US, there generally isn't any concern about kiddos getting enough calories, so 2% or 1% is fine.  My DD rarely drinks milk...she eats a lot of cheese, but I forget to offer milk most of the time.  Oops.

  • I am planning on it.  I love nursing!  I don't love pumping at work though so I may quit pumping after her first birthday and just nurse when we are together.
  • I'm working down to just morning and night and will keep doing that for at least a couple months, maybe longer. The WCM is just an easy way to meet the additional calcium, vitamin D, and other nutrition needs they do NOT get from breast milk. If you are not planning on giving WCM you should make sure they eat other sources of these things such as yogurt or a multivitamin, but WCM is really the easiest way to do this.  

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