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Shady Grove Adventist or Anne Arundel Medical center for delivery?

Hi, I recently moved from VA and I'm considering two different midwife groups that deliver at Shady Grove and Anne Arundel Medical Center. Please share your experiences I am not familiar with the hospitals in this area.

Re: Shady Grove Adventist or Anne Arundel Medical center for delivery?

  • It really depends on where you live. The hospitals are not close at all to each other. I do know people personally that have had a good experience with Special Beginnings and AAMC.
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  • I delivered two at AAMC and was really happy with my care. They are very pro-BF and don't have a nursery to encourage bonding with your baby. Also they have a very good NICU there if you need it. I have a ton of friends who have delivered there too with good experiences. I know nothing about Shady Grove, sorry!
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  • I don't know anything about Shady Grove, but I delivered at AAMC back in April 2011 and will again pretty much next month! We were happy with the staff and treatment at AAMC. The prior post is right that they are very much pro-BF - which is a good thing if that's what you want to do. For us, since I had surgery in HS, it was going to be a "wait and see" if it was possible for me... and at times, I got a little frustrated with some of the nurses when they didn't understand that there was a good chance that I couldn't BF due to my reduction. But, that could def. happen anywhere. LO was admitted the day I was discharged for additional nights due to being dangerously jaundice - and they were able to treat him and get him out as soon as possible Smile
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  • I delivered at AAMC in Nov and was very happy with everything. With all hospitals you'll need to speak up for yourself but all of the nurses, techs, and lactation consultants were very supportive and helpful. They have amazing security for your LO and no specified visiting hours (could be good or bad depending on your visitors!). Parking is free too. While I don't know anything about Shady Grove, I would definitely recommend AAMC 

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  • I delivered my second at AAMC with special beginnings. But I did have a failed vBAC, so all my prenatal care was with them and I labored with a midwife for 35 hours, but their backup for the surgery was Annapolis obgyn, but really they only did the procedure, my MW was there For the c/s and all my care afterward. Although the outcome was not what I wanted, it was totally beyond anyone's control an I had a fantastic experience with SB at AAMC. I had expressed my desire to breastfeed ASAP and While in recovery my MW and the nurses there made sure it happened, right after I was wheeled out they helped me up and get her latched.
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  • Thanks everyone for your input. It's been helpful.
  • I delivered at AAMC and had a good experience. I had one shitty nurse and unfortunately it is who I delivered with, but that could happen anywhere...I just know next time I'm asking for a new nurse if I get her again, ha. Overall a great experience just like PP have said.
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  • I delivered at AAMC with Bay Area Midwives. I had to be induced due to growth issues. They were great with BF'ing and respecting my wishes re pain meds, etc. I lucked out an had a really good delivery nurse, but my MW was also there.
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