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Can you wear contacts during labor?

I wear contacts on a daily basis, and don't even own a pair of glasses. My vision is very poor without them. I was wondering if I should pony up the dough to get a pair of glasses for night feedings and for the big day.

I plan on a natural birth with a midwife, but if I wind up with an emergency c-section, would contacts be a problem during surgery? Sorry if this is a silly question.


Re: Can you wear contacts during labor?

  • I would get a cheap pair for night feedings and the hospital.  If you have a long labor your contacts might be killing you. I wear my contacts all the time too but sometimes I need them out.  After a long day I feel like my eyes are sandpaper due to my contacts.

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  • I'd get glasses - and not just for labor. Labor is more comfortable (especially 15+ hours in) without scratchy contacts and when you're getting up in the middle of the night every 2-3 hours, you're not going to pop in contacts every time. Its just easier to have glasses as a back up to slap on so you're not stumbling around blind.

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  • Glasses are just so much easier for a variety of reasons. I do love contacts though-- have you considered a different kind? Perhaps if you want to keep them you could switch to the overnights (or the ones you can keep in for a month). Write down the day on your calendar that they need to be taken out, and set a reminder on your cell phone. Bring some contact solution to the hospital with you in case they get a bit dry. In any case, it's always a good idea to have a cheap pair of glasses in case something happens with your contacts (most chains now have a deal where you get two pairs for the price of one, a free eye exam with purchase of glasses over a certain amount, etc)
  • I wore mine when I was in labor with ds. I am legally blind without them and REALLY hate glasses!! I did have them with me in case I did need them but I was totally fine the whole time with my contacts
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  • image b0710:
    I would get glasses as a backup just in case. I wore my contacts the whole time with my son but if you ended up with a csection I don't think you'd be allowed to wear them.

    I wore my contacts through my c-section. Don't know if it varies by hospital though. 

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  • I depise glasses. I have contacts that stay in a month and can be worn while sleeping so to me, it's almost like not having anything.

    I wore contacts the whole time while in labor, before getting the epidural, they did ask if I had contacts. I'm not sure if that would have come up again if I had to have a section. My sister has had two sections and they allowed her to keep her contacts in but that was a different hospital.


  • I am not sure but I don't think contacts would be a problem unless you need a c-section.  Then they might.  My DH has had lots of surgeries over the years and he said they make you take them out.  Not sure if that's still true or why. 

    That being said, it is probably a good idea to get a pair of glasses to have.  You might just want them for the relief of not having contacts in your eyes all the time.

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  • Agreeing with the glasses recommendation. I wear my contacts 99% of the time, but have glasses as a back up. i'm glad I brought my glasses to the hospital because although I didn't have a c-section, I needed to wear my glasses because my eyes were really puffy for a few days after labor.  GL!
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  • I wore mine during a c-section with my son because I forgot to take them out... no harm done. I am super lost without my contacts, so even though it's probably bad advice... I think you'll be okay wearing them.
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  • I'd say it TOTALLY depends on you. I wear contacts. My vision isn't THAT bad without them though. I'll probably end up taking them out just because they annoy me, but I probably won't be putting on my glasses because they annoy me too... which is why I have contacts! 

    BUT I'll still be able to make out my little bundle of joy without them. If you're not going to be able to tell what your baby looks like because you don't have glasses or your contacts in, you might want to bring some glasses.

    Now, I have no idea if they'd give a darn about a c-section and whether or not you have contacts in. It's not like you're even asleep for the procedure.... Plus, you could take out your contacts, get the c-section, put them back in and go on your merry little way. I heard you should bring extra contacts to the hospital, but I think even that is going way overboard.

  • Usually unless you are u dee general anesthesia they won't say anything about contacts. And honestly if it comes down to an emergency section and they have to put you under you shouldn't be under long enough for it to hurt. Just make sure you have solution and such with you.
  • I'd get a cheap pair just in case. Walmart has pairs starting at like $38. You should always have a backup pair of glasses b/c if you get an eye infection you can't wear contacts. Then what are you going to do? Fork out the hundreds to Lenscrafters so you can get them made in an hour? Go to Walmart or Sam's or For Eyes (wherever!). Get the cheapest lenses and cheapest frames you can stand to wear. 

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  • yes. i did and am so thankful i did. my SIL wore hers during her c section too.
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  • My husband wanted a pair, just in case, so we ordered them from the link below. They were free, we just had to pay for shipping. I highly recommend them! 

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  • I can barely see without contacts and I made it through a long labor and lots of night feeding without them.
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  • Definitely ask your midwife what the hospital policy is. My hospital allows contacts, but I have heard of many that will not let you have them in until after delivery.
  • I had planned on asking my ob if the hospital has a rule about it, but I would rather keep mine in.  I'm just more comfortable with contacts over glasses.  I'll be bringing my glasses just in case though.

    I definitely agree with other posters, you'll want glasses for nightime feedings.  I'm a ftm, but I can't imagine having to put my contacts in every couple of hours (I do not sleep in mine).

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