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Self Care Check-In

There was no Self Care Challenge last week, in fact, there was no self-care check in at all.  So, tell us, have you been taking care of yourself the past couple of weeks?  How did you keep your sanity over the holidays?

This week's Challenge: It's the last Monday of the month, which means this week's challenge is a personal challenge. You decide how you will practice self-care this week and let us know what you plan to do. Considering it's the last Monday of the year, you may also want to set a self-care resolution for the new year. Is there anything self-care related you want to challenge yourself with in the new year?

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Re: Self Care Check-In

  • I've mentioned before that I'm burnt out (on work, on life).  Well, last week, it all finally caught up to me and I crashed.  After the Christmas Eve service at my work, I just put everything work related on hold, and I let my family have their fair share of Lily.  It was marvelous! I spent 3 whole days not thinking about work and I was actually able to enjoy time with my family.  Now that I am back to work, I feel much better than I was... only, I am having a hard time getting my butt in gear.

    My challenge this week is get on my new eliptical at least 3 days this week (5 minute intervals, 3 times a day - I'm really out of shape).  And, my self-care resolution for this year is to continue on the eliptical (increasing time and intensity as I am able to tolerate it), and to drink more water... I'd like to cut out pop all together, but I have a serious weak spot for the stuff.

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  • DW was on vacation for 12 days so I purposely slacked on parenting so she had no choice but to pick up the slack. She may not have done things the way I would have and she may have been annoyed and irritated with the kids but at least I got a break and she got a peek into my reality.

    My resolutions this year are to eat better and find myself. I am in the planning process for my spring garden which I am planting in our back lot, it's going to be a huge garden that should supply the majority of our produce. I love gardening, it slows me down and allows me to have time alone and I get fresh fruits and veggies to eat. I hope to find myself in the garden, get back to the calm, nurturing wife and mom I was a year ago.
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