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Talk to me about fittedswool.

DD has turned into a heavy wetter so I'm in need of a new night time solution. We currently are using a 4.0 stuffed with a Grovia and MF combo. I would really like to jump into fitteds and wool.
Right now I'm looking into the GMD workhorse fitted and some sort of wool cover. I've done some homework on wool but still feeling intimidated.
What is your favorite fittedwool combo?
Any favorite sellers/manufactures of wool you suggest?
How do you make caring for your wool easy?
What detergent/lanolin works best for you?
Any other suggestions or words of wisdom you have will be MUCH appreciated!
Thank you!

Re: Talk to me about fittedswool.

  • Favorite overnight fitted: Twinkie Tush Night Night.

    Also, I've never used it, but another popular fitted is the Sbish snapless. It's well-priced (~$21) and widely available (Kelly's Closet, Diaper Junction, Abby's Lane).

    Honestly, I would not expect a GMD workhorse fitted to be absorbent enough for overnight.

    Favorite wool: I made my own covers from wool sweaters. They work great and were really cheap!

    If I were to buy wool, I would probably get Disana or Wild Coconut Wear.

    Easy wool care/detergent/lanolin: I wash my wool covers on the hand wash cycle in my washing machine. Warm water and Country Save detergent. I lanolize with either Lansinoh or Sheepish Grins lanolin.


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