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JFF: Name my next kid

JFF: Name my next kid

I'm bored and trying to kill a little time so I've been looking at names for our future, not yet conceived (and won't be for a while) next child. Maybe you ladies can come up with something I haven't. Wanna help? 

Here's what you need to know:

-DS is Oliver Nicholas and DD is Virginia Marie 

-Our taste in names tends to run on the old fashioned/classic side so think in that direction. 

-We like nicknames, ex: Ollie and Ginny

- Middle name for a boy will be James or for a girl it'll be Mae (both are family names)

-Also, this is going to sound ridiculous but I kind of feel roped into the letter "V" since both kids have one. I know that's weird, right? However, if we find the right name it won't matter if it has a "V" or not.

ETA: Names I have on my list already are:

-Evelyn/Evangeline(Evie), Violet, Victoria(Tori),Penelope(Penny), Alice, Scarlett, Elizabeth(Betsy), Iris, Annabelle

-Victor, Vincent(Vin), Calvin(Cal), Sullivan(Sully), Harvey, Jude, Dean, Miles, Desmond, Alistair


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