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Flu question

This is our first bout with the flu. DD has thrown up twice since showing symptoms yesterday. This may sound dumb but I'm worried about putting her to bed tonight. Is it likely that she could throw up and choke on it while sleeping? The first time she has ever thrown up was this afternoon so I have zero experience with this. Any stories, comments or advice would be awesome. TIA

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  • I'm really sorry to hear that C is sick, but hopefully I can make you feel a bit better.  My C has a super-sensitive gag reflux.  So, a really bad bout of coughing with a cold or not wanting to got to sleep (meaning crying in bed) can trigger vomiting for him.  So, he's vomited more times in bed that I care to admit.  It always, always wakes him up because it goes everywhere.  I'd encourage you to make sure you have a waterproof pad on the bed and remove any animals, blankets, etc that cannot go through the laundry.  Obviously have a second set of bedding ready so one of you can change her bed while the other bathes her if necessary.  

    Also, C was a reflux baby so I can pass along what our pedi told us when I asked this question at five weeks old.  He told me that he believes all cognitively normal children (in other words, no brain damage or other serious brain abnormality) have the ability to automatically close off their windpipes and protect their breathing and vocal cords, just like adults.  Hope she (and you!) get some sleep tonight.

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  • I think you should be fine tonight. At this age I probably wouldn't worry about choking. Sorry C is sick, that is rough on everyone.

    I remember when my cousin was around 3 she would vomit in her sleep and never even wake up. She never choked/gagged even, just kind of rolled over threw up and kept on sleeping. If it was O, I'd put him to bed as usual and just keep an ear out for him the rest of the night.

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  • Thanks so much guys! I'm so stressed about all this. Worse yet I procrastinated getting my flu shot so now at 11weeks pregnant I'm probably going to get the flu. Oh joy
  • Sorry she is sick.

    A few weeks ago DS threw up in his sleep.  He sort of woke up whimpering.  I think at this age they will wake themselves up.  Hopefully she sleeps through the night and gets better soon.

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  • Sorry she's sick! We had the flu last March and it was HORRIBLE! But just keep in mind that the flu shot doesn't help against the stomach flu, it only helps with the respitory flu. Unfortately, you really can't help the good ole throw up flu! Hope it passes quickly!
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  • I am sorry to hear about the flu and DD. It for sure is not fun!

    My DD had  a few bouts with vomiting usually while in her crib. We have not had choking issues. 

    Her monitor is right next to my bed, so I can typically hear her, and catch it not long after it happens, to make sure she is ok. At that point I usually will get make sure she is done, then clean her up and back to bed. 

    As prior post said, make sure all items in the bed that are not able to be washed are out of the way. DD's dream-lite fell victim to her last vomiting episode. 


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