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Yeast infection?

DD just (like within the last two hours) developed small bumps with raised white heads around her diaper area. They don't seem to bother her, but they are definitely not normal for her. I've never had a yeast infection, but I Googled it and the bumps are very similar to a yeast infection.

The pedi is closed today. Would urgent care be an appropriate option if it's JUST developed?


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Re: Yeast infection?

  • I'd just wait to see what happens.  If she's not complaining let it be.  Monitor her tomorrow and go from there.
  • A yeast diaper rash can usually be treated with an OTC anti fungal like Clotrimazole.

    You can call the pedi in the morning. They might want to see her if this is her first yeast rash, just to confirm it. They'll probably prescribe Nystatin cream. Or maybe they'd call in a script going by your description over the phone.
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