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has anyone used or PM me if you have any insight...would love some feedback before i venture forward.


Thanks so much!! 

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  • We also can't advertise on parent profiles either....(from NY). So in NJ you can't advertise on any sites? wow.
  • image Pinkie78:

    We can advertise our website through google/yahoo, but cannot use a site like parent profiles.  I am not sure I understand the reasoning but if you read the rules on parent profiles it does state they cannot work with families in some states (including NJ).

    I think it must have something to do with the rule that NJ familes cannot pay for a match unless it's through a licenced agency.  We cannot use a facilitator and cannot pay an attorney to make a match.


    Thank you for sharing this. We are in NJ and just now getting to the process of putting our profile together. (we have to make an appointment with our agency). I didn't know we couldn't advertise on those kind of sites. Thank you for saving us heartache! 

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